Awra Amba | re-think a beautiful world
A 360 degree interactive documentary about a special village in Ethiopia
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Rethink a beautiful world


A small collective of farmers from a rural part of Ethiopia got together in the 70s and made some fundamental changes to the way they lived. They formed a progressive new village, called Awra Amba. 40 years on, Awra Amba has transformed from a handful of people who never went to school, to a self-sustaining, gender-equal democracy, where almost all of the youngsters go to university.

The Awra Amba Experience is an interactive documentary that tells the story of Awra Amba’s fascinating change process, under extremely difficult and unfavourable circumstances. It’s an incredible story of hope, determination and belief in taking charge of one’s own destiny.

We are a team of creative filmmakers, designers, web developers, musicians and translators who are working with the Awra Amba community to create a compelling, meaningful and highly innovative documentary experience for multiple platforms, with a view to share Awra Amba’s tales and expertise in living rooms, classrooms and village squares around the world.

Using new techniques of interactive storytelling, we combine documentary film with 360 panoramic photography, illustration, animation, graphics, text and sound to create an immersive experience of Awra Amba. Our collective aim is to inspire, to educate and ultimately to generate discussion about some of the most important issues in our world today.








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The Story

Around forty years ago, in a rural part of Ethiopia, a young man called Zumra Nuru decided that he’d had enough of how things were. He wanted to live in a world where women and men were equal and where traditions and religion did not dictate every aspect of life. With 19 people, he founded a new village, with new values. Together they created a progressive manifesto for a new way of life… read more

The Experience

The Awra Amba Experience is a collaborative, interactive documentary, designed for tablets and computers. It tells the story of how a small community in Ethiopia has combatted poverty and changed deeply engrained traditional values to pave way for a better life.  Viewers will be able to navigate through the Awra Amba village on an interactive landscape and explore 10 short documentaries as well as a wealth of different multimedia elements… read more

The Dialogue

Having explored the Awra Amba Experience, we invite you to participate in our online dialogue, during which you can connect with the Awra Amba community and share your thoughts with other viewers around the world. Discussion topics include gender equality, the role of tradition and religion in society, education, elderly care, aid, development and sustainable living, among others. These are issues that we can all make progress on, so long as we talk about them… read more




Where is Awra Amba?

Awra Amba is located in the rural part of the Amhara region of Ethiopia, 65km north of Bahir Dar in Woji Kebele. It is a small village (17,5 hectares) with just under 500 inhabitants. Check out the map here.

What does the Awra Amba community think?

“In the past, misconceptions about who we are and what we are trying to achieve by our neighbouring communities have caused a lot of trouble and danger for our community. Recently, many people have written about us in the media both in and outside of Ethiopia, and sometimes there have been factual errors or further misunderstandings.
We want to open up a dialogue with the outside world, so that we have the chance to talk directly with our audience and to build up an international network. That is why we are working with Paulina and Serdar on this interactive documentary, which will not only tell our story but allow us to connect with the rest of the world through the internet.”
The Awra Amba Community, 2013

Where can I find out more?

Why an interactive documentary?

This project was triggered by a wish from the Awra Amba Community to share their story with the world and discuss the issues at the heart of their way of life. Our team has worked together with Awra Amba to create a beautiful, engaging and innovative documentary for multiple platforms, that aims to tell what Awra Amba is really about, and to create a dialogue between Awra Amba and the audience.

Who is behind the project?

The Awra Amba Experience is a creative collaboration between the Awra Amba Community and an international team of professional filmmakers, designers, illustrators, web developers, musicians, sound designers and translators from seven different countries. The project is produced by Write This Down, an award-winning film and digital production company based in the UK.

How can I get involved?

You can now support this project through our crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo! You can also help by sharing the campaign link with your friends on Facebook or Tweet about us, by emailing your personal and professional contacts who might be interested or even organise a local fundraising event! We would also love to hear from bloggers and journalists wishing to write about the project. If you have other ideas that we haven’t mentioned, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via

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